There are 1.2 trillion digital photos taken every year and 85% of these are on mobile devices, this asks the larger question - how many of these are printed?

This 1 month pop up in Paris and New York gives this iconic brand a contemporary twist and showcases the Polaroid Lab, a smart device that enables you to create authentic polaroid film prints from images on your smartphone.

The space has all the usual experiences where you can interact with professional photographers, attend daily workshops, try out vintage products and turn Your photos into works of art.I

’ve always been a fan of Edwin Land's original idea behind instant photography to make it seamless and easy for anyone to use.

Polaroid has been there since the start and has evolved from a brand name to a category name over the years plus they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs with the advent of digital photography and even went bankrupt in the ’90s. Love the store façade.

Is this enough to transform their fortunes in