It's that magical time of year again! Work Anniversary 🎉🥂🎈

According to LinkedIn, It's been 3 years since I set up The Studio of Possible.

Time flies so here's a snapshot of what’s been happening over the past year

We’ve scaled and added 7 new members to the team

We’ve won global pitches (against former employers 😀 )

We’ve won awards for our work in disease prevention

We’ve been appointed as the Creative Agency of record for various global 2000 ranking companies

We’ve been delivering projects and experiences across Europe, the US and AsiaWe’ve launched over 20 brands and businesses across sectors in Technology, tourism, Legal, Construction, Hospitality

We’ve been working with one of the most sustainable universities in the UK developing something very exciting (more to follow)We’ve designed and developed SaaS solutions for clientsWe have created our own charity to help underprivileged children

We’ve worked with some amazing people and clients who all share the same vision as us

We’ve been invited and turned down the opportunity to pitch for multi-million-pound projects as they had unrealistic demands and their goals, mindset and behaviours didn't match our values and approach

We’ve also fired clients as they didn’t align with our ethos

So that's the good stuff…As we all know every story has two perspectives, and here's the alternative...

It's been stressful, anyone who says it's not is bulls**tting you.

Creative burnout is real, you need to keep an eye on that…

The buck starts and ends with you… with all the risks and rewards

What I do know is that It’s been a rollercoaster. It's about pushing boundaries, pursuing passions, taking risks, and enjoying the opportunity to shape the world around you

Would I change anything? Hell no

Looking forward to seeing what happens next..

Innovation Driven, Award-winning

The Studio of Possible